Our Services at Limitless ABA

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA is the science of behavior that looks at a behavior and how it is affected by the environment. It is based on the premise that if behavior itself is the primary focus, then we can attempt to improve the human condition through behavior change. ABA is founded on a set of principles in that behavior is a direct product of its environment and can be altered based on the consequences provided. ABA focuses on improving behaviors such as social skills, communication, daily living skills and adaptive behaviors. An ABA treatment program could seek to improve the following skills for example:

  • Joint Attention
  • Functional Communication
  • Play Skills
  • Self Help Skills
  • Toileting Skills
  • Challenging Behavior

Insurance Verification and Eligibility

After receiving an Autism Spectrum Disorder or other related diagnosis, the first step in the process is for us to determine eligibility via a benefits check through your insurance. This will tell us what ABA options your child has under their current plan and guide our course of treatment.

Assessment and Evaluation

This may vary based on what your insurance requires but will likely consist of filling out forms, rating scales, interviews and your child attending 1-3 in person visits. All assessment and evaluation results will be reviewed with you.


Following the insurance approval of the ABA assessment, your child will receive a specific number of hours per week in which the BCBA and insurance company agree is appropriate for your child. One on one services make up a majority of your child’s hours per week with around 10% or more of your child’s total hours spent with a BCBA or under the direct supervision of a BCBA. You can find more information on BCBA’s and RBT’s at bacb.com.

Parent/Stakeholder Training

A unique component of ABA is that there is an insurance-required parent training component. These are determined by your insurance company and BCBA and may occur weekly or bi-weekly. These trainings are not limited to parents only but we welcome grandparents or other significant stakeholders that are present in the child’s life.

Social Skills Group

Limitless seeks to host social skills group once or twice a week where individuals receiving ABA services can come together and work on the generalization of their skills. We also seek to have typically developing peers or children not receiving ABA services attend as well. If you receive ABA at Limitless ABA, LLC this is covered by your insurance or if you want to solely attend social skills group there is a $20 fee due at the time of service.

Community Services

The ultimate goal of ABA is for your child to generalize the skills learned beyond the clinical or home environment. We may want to work on specific skills during your child’s sports practice, their Cub Scouts, going out to eat with the family etc. We also seek to provide you with additional community resources that your family and child could benefit from involvement with.

Educational Advocacy

If your child is part of a school or daycare system we want to be part of the team! We help advocate for children who are currently on, or in need of Individualized Education Plans, Behavior Intervention Plans or 504 Plans. We are also more than happy to observe or assist within your child’s school if we are able to. We believe in treating the whole child and the school setting is a very big part of that!